Who am I?

Why am I writing?

My name is Ifat, I moved to the US from Israel with my family as part of a technology project my husband and I were working on. After spending 20 years working in corporate America, I could no longer set the fire in my heart  and decided to make a dream come true and opened a boutique in Washington DC.


It has been five years now and I enjoy every aspect of it:  working with independent designers from around the world, the community that this small business  built around it and of course, our First Ladies (aka our customers), they are independent, confident, strong and accomplished women, must have something to do with the fashion around here.


Having said that, I was never aware of complex relationship women have with themselves when it comes to fashion and shopping, it almost feels like we provide a therapeutic experience.

We are here not only to sell clothing but also enlighten women on self love, empowerment and growth. 

Online shopping is easy, we don't have to talk to anybody, listen to anybody, we don't have to be nice or pay more than a second of attention.

But when you are stepping into my boutique, my house, my family, we give you everything we have, from carefully curated collections to superb customer service, so please, talk to us, listen, appreciate the effort we made here. Be nice!! 

I bring you stories from our experiences in boutique, a glimpse to a small business adventures.